Why Go Halal?

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The rise of the Third One Billion

The global Muslim population has been called the third billion, trailing behind only China and India in size. However unlike China and India, the Muslim market remains largely untapped and often ignored despite its tremendous potential. Transcending national borders and geography, the key to gaining ground in this market is understanding the common factor that binds it together- Islam. Going HALAL is the first step towards tapping that potential.

Muslims spent $1173 billion on food in 2015

The Muslim consumer expenditure $1,173for food and beverage is ranked first, ahead of China ($854bn), and the United States($770bn). T h i s represents 16.6 % of the billion global food expenditure. By 2021 t h i s figure is expected to rise to $1,914bn or 18.3% of Global expenditure.

Emergence of the Young Muslim Consumers

780 Million Muslims are under the age of 25. They are affluent , tech-savvy, self-empowered, youthful
group who believe that their identity encompasses both faith and modernity.

Brand Loyalty

These consumers can be among the most loyal in the world. When they discover something that’s right for them, they feel it’s their duty to pass on the word

Ark Halal

Ark Halal

ARK Halal is an international Halal Competency Development Specialist who provide holistic expert support to companies that want to gain entry into the Halal industry.

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