Tripartite Collaboration between ARK , Arla Foods and HDC to Increase Halal Products Availability

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Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC) is looking into a tripartite collaboration with ARLA Foods amba  (Arla), an international co-operative based in Denmark and ARK Advantage (ARK), Arla’s Halal advisor, towards the globalisation of Halal Malaysia.

The collaboration between HDC, ARLA and ARK aims towards developing local companies’ capabilities and capacities to produce more home-grown Halal Malaysia champions and creating bigger market spaces for these Halal products.

ARK is instrumental in bridging this initiative. Over the past 20 years, ARK has provided total halal solution to more than 50 food establishments, processing plants, and ingredients suppliers, as well as importers, exporters and abattoirs. With representative offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, UK, and Germany, ARK works as an extended Halal Quality Assurance Department as well as Networking and Promotional Division for companies and corporation, some of which are among the biggest producers in the world, that are located across Europe, Australia, and Southeast Asia.

“Clearly, Halal industry continues to evolve and expand beyond religious aspects towards driving economic and social values, thus making it relevant to Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Many non-Muslim countries have recognised the untapped potential in the Halal market; and are now racing to gain a footing, presenting a major business opportunity. The mandatory implementation of Halal Assurance System (HAS)  by a European dairy giant, Arla Foods is testament of this.” said Dato’ Seri Jamil Bidin, CEO of HDC.

For preliminary stage of the collaboration, HDC will provide subject matter expert advisory services and offer Halal training and consultancy services as required by Arla Foods and ARK.

Arla’s Mandatory Halal Assurance System  is designed in compliance with JAKIM’s Halal Assurance Management System, Department of Standards Malaysia MS Halal 1500:2009 and other Halal assurance standard globally to provide guidance on the handling, sourcing and storage of raw materials, processing and cleaning aids and other items that may come into contact with the Halal certified products, in order to guarantee the Halal status of the final product. This mandatory system applies to all Halal certified sites for Arla Foods amba and Arla Foods Ingredients.

Southeast Asia remains an important market for Arla. In 2017 alone, Arla’s export to Malaysia is estimated to worth more than RM30 million. The future collaboration between HDC, ARLA and ARK among others will provide support and advice for potential SMEs in Malaysia, especially on the implementation of Halal best practices to further build the capacity of SMEs and help them become suppliers of halal ingredients and products.

“Halal practices share common values with other practices such as hygiene, sustainable, environment-friendly, quality and social responsibility. Halal assurance system can be integrated into any of the existing quality schemes, which have Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system in its core. This is also in line with our Good Growth Strategy.” according to Mahdi Salhab, the Global Halal Coordinator of Arla.

The markets of the developed countries for instance, are introducing new rules and new regulations which require exporters of products such as food, to observe stringent procedures in manufacturing.  Manufacturers must keep in tandem with new developments in the marketplace to ensure that market acceptance for their products are ongoing.  To this effect, HDC will continue to champion initiatives to develop the global Halal industry which not only promotes trade, but also facilitates the transfer of knowledge and expertise.

“As people become knowledgable and countries undergo rapid development, this create a society that are more affluent, educated and developed demanding safe and quality products which is what Halal represents. There needs to be better synergy and strategic alliances at the national, regional and international level to coordinate the resources needed for the sustainable growth and development of the global Halal industry”, Dato’ Seri Jamil ended.

Ark Halal

Ark Halal

ARK Halal is an international Halal Competency Development Specialist who provide holistic expert support to companies that want to gain entry into the Halal industry.

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