Syariah Panel

International Shariah Panel of Experts.

The amalgamation of having international Shariah panel from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and United Kingdom is aimed at ensuring the total halal assurance and quality management system comply with the requirements of halal certification authorities from many countries that protect the Muslim consumers.

Dato’ Wan Mohamad bin Dato Sheikh Abdul Aziz

Former Director General, JAKIM, Malaysia

Respected for his expertise in Halal certification when he led Malaysia’s Halal certification authority JAKIM as its Director-General, he is also a member of the consultative council of the Al Azhar Malaysian Graduates Alumni and a board director of the Institute of Islamic Understanding of Malaysia (IKIM).

Ustaz Daud Norakit

Patron, Malaysian Student and Community of Leeds (MSCL)

A distinguished speaker and respected elder within the student community in the United Kingdom, Malaysia and Indonesia, he is well known for organising activities for MSCL that serves to strengthen the ties between students and the residents of Leeds.

Drs. H. Tengku Zulkarnain

Member MUI Fatwa Council, Indonesia

A well-known religious figure in Indonesia for his strong views on various religious matters within the community, he is also an active advisory member for several Indonesian banks.

Ustaz Mohamad bin Haji Rais

Former Senior President of Shariah Court, Singapore.

A degree holder in Islamic Theology from Al Azhar University in Cairo, Ustaz Mohamad actively participates in intellectual discourse revolving Islamic law with neighbouring countries.

Moulana Ilyas Salim

Advisor, Leeds Teaching Hospital and Sheffield Children’s Hospital, UK

Known for bridging communication between local ministers and imams, he conducts workshops and training in universities, prisons and hospitals.

Technical Experts

Dynamic Halal Competency Auditors and Quality Management Team.

Equip with sound technical know-how with our own experts in food technology and pharmaceutical, our personnel are well trained, competent, up-to-date and reliable in ensuring the clients’ processes and procedures are being performed in accordance with the Shariah principles and Halal Assurance System and Standards.

Professor Zhari Ismail

Head of Food Technology

Professor Zhari Ismail was a Professor at the Malaysian Science University(USM) in Penang. He is a member of the Fatwa committee of JAKIM. He specializes in Pharmaceuticals and was instrumental in the setting of the JAKIM standards for Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals.

Dr. Fazilah Ariffin

Food Technologist

Dr. Fazilah Ariffin is currently an Associate Professor at the Malaysian Science University (USM) and is a respected scholar in the Malaysian Food Science community having written numerous papers in all areas related to the discipline. Her main specialty is in flavourings.

Dr Ana P. Roswiem

Food Technologist

Dr. Anna is the head of the Halal Centre at University YARSI in Jakarta Indonesia. She was a key mover at LPPOM-MUI where she was instrumental in setting the Halal standards for Cosmetics, an area that she specialises in.

Ahmad F. M. Azmi

Food Technologist

Ahmad F. M. Azmi is a lecturer at the Malaysian National Defence University of Malaysia(NDUM). He specialises in food biotechnology and nutrition. He is currently on leave while pursuing a PhD. at Leeds University in Food Biotechnology.

Nur Liyana Sulaiman

Food Technologist

Nur Liyana Sulaiman is a qualified food scientist. She specializes in research on proteins. She is currently pursuing a PhD. at Leeds University in Food Science and Nutrition. She also has qualifications in Islamic Food Law.

Dr. Hajar Omar

Pharmaceutical Specialist

Dr. Hajar Omar is a qualified medical physician and surgeon specialising in obstetrics and gynaecology. She adds depth to ARK’s collective knowledge on pharmaceuticals.