Ministry of Religious Affairs (KEMENAG) and National Professional Standards Agency (BNSP) Discuss Procedures for Establishing Halal Auditors LSP

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Department of Religious Affairs (KEMENAG) , Jakarta. 21 May 2019. – KEMENAG, through  Halal Product Assurance Organising Agency (BPJPH), had a successful meeting today with the National Standardization for Professionals Body (BNSP)  to discuss procedures relating to the setting up of the Professional Certification Institute (LSP) of Halal Auditors.

This information was conveyed by the Head of BPJPH, Prof Ir. Sukoso, in Jakarta. “We’ve met with BNSP regarding the procedure for establishing Halal Auditor LSP yesterday,” Sukoso said, Tuesday (21/05).

Sukoso said, the Head of BNSP, Kunjung Masihat welcomed the establishment of LSP, as a manifestation of the implementation of the mandate of Law No. 33 of 2014 concerning Halal Product Assurance (JPH).

According to him, for this reason, BNSP encourages the completion of the preparation of the National Work Competency Standards (SKKNI) of the Halal Auditors, which is currently being designed by BPJPH and related Ministries / Institutions. According to Sukoso, the preparation of the Halal Auditors SKKNI is needed by BPJPH to establish a Halal Auditors LSP.

“We can form LSP, if we already have a Halal Auditors SKKNI in place.” explained Sukoso.

Head of BNSP, according to Sukoso, also hopes that the draft of Halal Auditors SKKNI will be completed soon by BPJPH or encourage other universities / institutions to work together in establishing Halal Auditors LSP.

“At the moment, there is no single Halal Auditor appointed as we are preparing the SKKNI for Halal Auditors with the MUI, Ministry of Manpower, Ministry of Human Development and Culture (PMK) and related ministries and institutions,” explained Sukoso.

According to him, the Halal Auditor SKKNI compilation uses the adaptation method from the MUI’s Halal Auditor SKK as a result of the agreement of the drafting team and the Halal Auditor SKKNI preparation team which involves MUI representatives.

Sukoso said, he hoped the SKKNI will be signed by the Minister of Manpower at the end of May 2019. “Since the SKKNI Halal Auditor will become the reference in the formation of LSP in universities and other institutions that collaborate with BPJPH,” said Sukoso.

He added, so far, the Food, Drug and Cosmetics Study Institution of the Indonesian Ulema Council (LPPOM MUI) already has work competency standards (SKK) but does not apply on a national level. “The SKK for halal auditors owned by MUI is only limited to the MUI, not nationally,” Sukoso said.

According to Sukoso, MUI itself is currently trying to establish LSP specifically for MUI. However, the LSP will only apply to halal auditors within MUI and not based according to Law No. 33 of 2014 yet.

“When the  Halal Auditor SKKNI drafted by BPJPH is completed, MUI’s SKK will automatically be obsolete, and MUI LSP will not be able to conduct any training except with written approval from BPJPH,” he added.

Sukoso also emphasised that the preparation of the Halal Auditor SKKNI is part of BPJPH’s responsibility in order to carry out the mandate of Law No. 33 of 2014 concerning the Halal Products Assurance.

“It is also stated in the law that BPJPH is also authorized to register and develop the halal auditors,” Sukoso said.


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