Close Group Discourse with BPJPH on Indonesian Halal Regulation for Cosmetics

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Full day group discourse on Halal Regulation for Cosmetics, The Implementation Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 33 Year 2014 Concerning Halal Product Assurance for Cosmetic Production and Halal Critical Point of Cosmetic Products with :

• Prof Ir. Sukoso, Head of Halal Product Assurance Organisation Agency (BPJPH)
• Ibu Siti Aminah, Head of Halal Registration and Certification Centre (BPJPH)
• Prof Dr. Jurnalis Uddin, YARSI
• Dr. Anna Rosweim, Halal Examination Agency, YARSI

General provision under Indonesia Halal Product Assurance Law Number 33 Year 2014 stated that products that enter, circulate and traded in the territory of Indonesia must be Halal certified.

Products are defined as goods and/or services that are related to food, beverage, drug, cosmetic, chemical product, biological product, genetically engineered product, as well as consumer goods that are worn, used, or utilised by the public.

In Indonesia, getting your products Halal certified is not on a voluntary basis (for example Malaysia and Singapore). It is compulsory for all products to be Halal certified in Indonesia.

InsyaAllah, with first hand and in-depth information provided by the regulatory bodies of Indonesia, we will be able to serve our global clients better not just in the cosmetics industry but also in the food industry.

Ark Halal

Ark Halal

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