ARK plans further cooperation with Kazakhstan

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A round table session with Kazakhstan’s officials; Ministry of International Trade, Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Standards and the Kazakh National Agriculture University was the pinnacle of the 12-day trip to Kazakhstan. Rich with its own resources such as meat, milk and vegetables, coupled with a potentially high demand from the neighbouring countries,   Kazakhstan has a great potential to develop its own Halal economy.

As part of our Global Advisory and Consultancy services; our expertise includes:

1. Halal compliance advisory services, include assistance in halal certification application, halal pre-audit, non – conformance findings, rectification exercise and follow – up on the halal requirements.

2. Internal organization competency development, which covers the enhancement of knowledge, expertise and technology to meet the current demands.

3. Establishment of halal industry development system, where we share and consult other organizations globally, who are intended to be a qualified certification body.

Imran Musa, Alfie M. Said and Samad Harith were the officers involved in the trip that took place from 1st to 12th January 2019 in Almaty Kazakhstan. Throughout the visit we had the chance to meet various other parties such as the Mufti of Kazakhstan, the  Rector of Nur Mubarak University and the Director of the Waqaf Foundation among others.

Ark Halal

Ark Halal

ARK Halal is an international Halal Competency Development Specialist who provide holistic expert support to companies that want to gain entry into the Halal industry.

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