ARK & Korea collaborate to explore opportunities in Halal

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An MOU signing ceremony between Korea Testing and Research Institute (KTR), a leading internationally accredited testing and certification institute in Korea and Malaysian-based Halal industry consultant, ARK Advantage Sdn. Bhd took place in Singapore to establish strategic partnership to provide Halal consultancy services for Korean cosmetic manufacturers.

Until a decade ago, the Halal industry was largely confined to food and food related products. However, with the change in the mindset of Muslim consumers and the rise in ethical consumerism worldwide, the Halal industry has expanded beyond the food sector to include cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, tourism and many more. Today, the global Halal industry is estimated to be worth USD2.3 trillion

KTR has been instrumental in supporting the Korean companies to expand globally based on technology and global competency. The partnership with ARK will ensure all companies in Korea who wish to be Halal certified are equipped with the necessary knowledge and are able to serve the global Muslim market.

Representing KTR is the President himself,Mr. Byun JongRip while Mr. Imran Musa represented ARK ADVANTAGE.

InsyaAllah, this effort transcends commercial values and bring people of different backgrounds together through trade and culture.

Ark Halal

Ark Halal

ARK Halal is an international Halal Competency Development Specialist who provide holistic expert support to companies that want to gain entry into the Halal industry.

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