Advertise on Islam Channel

Through strategic partnerships with Islam Channel, ARK offers significance presence to assist our clients to enter the Global Muslim market for those who wish to position their brands suitable for Muslims consumption.

Islam Channel is the most watched ethnic and specialist channel in the UK broadcasting to over 136 countries.

Islam Channel is the world’s leading and most prominent televised medium. We broadcast live, 24 hours a day to a global audience spanning 136 countries. Islam Channel is available on several free to air TV platforms such as SKY TV (806) , Virgin Tv (838) and via live online streaming (which boasts an average of 10’000 hits a day). We reach out to a wide, diverse array of nationalities and cultures; the core of the Channel’s identity is to inform, educate and entertain its viewers with innovative and cutting edge programs.

It would be a great opportunity for you to advertise in Islam Channel Network in furthering your dominance amongst an extremely competitive market. Exposure on Islam Channel would allow you to reach a wider audience. It goes without saying that Islam Channel caters to a rapidly growing niche market. Whether it is food, education, social media, businesses or shopping; people of the Islamic faith follow (Halal) guidelines which will generally frame their lifestyle and leisure activities.

Muslims of various backgrounds and social classes throughout the U.K naturally gravitate towards services/products that are marketed on an identi¬fiable media outlet that relates to their needs. Islam Channel embodies these values with its community and proves to be the central hub of information for the Muslim world making it an ideal platform to communicate your business to your target audience – thus aligning your product with the trust and prestige held by our channel.


These packages will help us plan, build and guide your brand to further success by developing your identity for your target audience.

Advertise with us now and let us help you to penetrate your product to the global muslim market