ARK comprises of passionate Halal industry activists who serve the need for an effective and comprehensive halal advisory and consultancy services with a credible voice in the global halal industry. Hailing from Singapore, Malaysia and the UK, a group of experienced halal professionals in consultancy services, training and auditing in the halal industry came together to provide holistic expert support to companies and organisations who wants to gain entry into the largely untapped trillion-dollar global halal market.

Keeping the importance of halal integrity in mind, ARK is carefully structured from the get-go with an International Shariah Panel made up of strong and influential experts from Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and the UK. Our Shariah Panel is further strengthened with a dynamic Technical Advisers who are professionals in the fields of Shariah food law, food technology, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics, which broadens our sector coverage and understanding beyond just the food industry.

Going beyond Halal, ARK also offers Halal Integrated Management System (HiMS) consolidating with Quality, Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety business processes into one single system of management.

The Halal system and framework developed by ARK for the certification process is also in compliance with all major Halal certification authorities in the world namely The Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS), Indonesian Council of Ulama (MUI), Central Islamic Committee of Thailand (CICOT) and Islamic Development Department of Malaysia (JAKIM).



Ark Halal in Numbers


Years in the industry


Training food establishments, food processing plants, food ingredients suppliers, importers, exporters, and abattoirs


Representative Offices located in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, South Korea, UK and Germany

Our Mission

  • To promote a Halal Assurance system that meets the requirements of permissible food that is good (toyyiban) for consumption as enjoined in Islam
  • To provide comprehensive education and training services to manufacturers of products and services in the halal industry
  • To collaborate and form partnerships with other recognised Halal Certification Bodies in the development of a Global Halal System that is recognised and accepted

Our Vision

  • To be a premier international Halal Certification Body that upholds the standards and systems in Halal Auditing that are Shariah compliant and exceeds the international standards on food hygiene and processes.

Our Values

  • We demonstrate Professionalism, Transparency, Diligence and Adherence to Islamic Jurisprudence in carrying out our work
  • We believe in collaborative efforts towards best practices in halal auditing.